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What is Global Skills Exchange?

Global Skills Exchange is a catalyst for driving positive economic and social growth in Africa by providing an internationally trusted platform through which individuals, organisations and institutions from around the world interact and partner with Africa, demonstrating that if you have the right skills, services and products you can go anywhere in the world.

About us

Ngunan Adamu is the CEO of Global Skills Exchange; the vision behind Global Skills Exchange came from working with the BBC, British Council and advising Nigerian local governments on media activities and services. A journalist by profession, working on international stories saw Ngunan’s contact list grow, creating a wealth of contacts throughout varying industries that she became an encyclopaedia for a vast number of organisations, corporations and charities. Global Skills Exchange was born from a need to share skills and knowledge but also best practices and to show that the world is big enough for all of us to prosper but also small enough for us to reach out and share.

Terser Adamu is one of the founders and COO of Global Skills Exchange. Previously a Supply Chain and Procurement professional at Airbus for their flagship A350XWB aircraft, Supply Chain Analyst at the Co-operative Group, General Manager at Liverpool Music Week where he played a pivotal role in bringing the 2008 MTV European Music Awards to his home city of Liverpool, it’s safe to say that Terser is an accomplished business professional. His highly regarded and award winning business blog, and investments in African agriculture and technology have demonstrated his passion for all things business and Africa. These qualities are a perfect match for Global Skills Exchange, and will definitely secure the delivery of the Global Skills Exchange mission of “driving positive economic and social growth in Africa”.

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